Can you major in music without any previous music experience?

Darius Blackwood - 3 Aug, 2023

A Musical Leap of Faith: Taking on a Major With Zero Experience

There's a certain kind of magic in music, isn't there? You don't have to be a Mozart prodigy or "Daddy Cool" from Boney M to feel it. A soothing lullaby, a rallying anthem, a moving symphony, they all have the power to stir something unique in us, to touch our souls. Even my kids, Oscar and Hazel, have their go-to tracks that mysteriously calm them during the height of their tantrums. Yet, music remains an enticing mystery for many of us. I'm Darius. No, not the chart-topping pop star, but a humble resident of Perth, Australia, navigating the waves of this mystery. Here, I explore the curious question, "Can you major in music without any previous music experience?"

The Unorthodox Path: No Experience, No Problem?

So, you're looking at college courses and wondering: "Can I major in music without any prior experience?" Before you start visualizing a stern-faced Mozart with an orchestra baton in hand shaking his head in disapproval, know this, it is possible. It's a bit daring, something like jumping off a plane with a parachute — daring but feasible. There have been many examples of brave adventurers who have taken this route and found a niche for themselves in the music industry, without the heralded "ten years of piano lessons" under their belts.

The Newbie Dilemma: Balancing Theoretical Studies and Practical Experience

One of the first challenges newcomers face is balancing theoretical studies and practical experience. It's similar to learning to swim for the first time; you could know everything about the theory of swimming, but the real test comes the moment you hit the water. As someone with no music background, the immersion can be jolting, but it's the most effective way to hone the art. Be ready to cram a decade's worth of musical knowledge into a few semesters, but remember you'll be surrounded by supportive staff and peers who are equally passionate about music.

The Silver Lining: Advantage of Fresh Perspectives

An interesting aspect of stepping into a major, like music, with no prior experience is you bring a refreshing perspective. Since you haven't been moulded by a specific type of training, you are free to experiment. It means you can challenge old conventions, ask questions, and create unique compositions. You're like an explorer treading on uncharted territories, and in your journey, you just might stumble upon a brand-new musical genre. A world of creativity awaits you!

Keys to Success: Hard Work and Faith in Yourself

What is the key to succeeding in such an unorthodox journey? Good old hard work. Your willingness to learn as much as you can, practice relentlessly, and accept constructive criticism will pave your path to success. Above all, faith in yourself is paramount. Believe that you can compose a tune while baking muffins or even writing an article in Perth.

Music is a Language: Fluent Yet Mysterious

Music is a language. It communicates emotions that words sometimes can't. The beauty of music lies in its universality; it transcends cultural boundaries, geographical distances, and even experiential gaps. So, whether you're an absolute newbie or Beethoven in disguise, understanding the language of music will be your rite of passage.

Validating The Theory: Real Life Story

At this point, let's throw a personal twist into our story. Once upon a time, and this is real, a naive bean-counter decided to take a leap of faith and strummed guitar strings for the first time in his life. Who was that, you ask? Yours truly. On a whim, I signed up for a crash course in guitar. The initial experience was painfully awkward, but as the weeks passed, my diligent practice started bearing fruit. Today, I'm no Eric Clapton, but I can decently strum 'Wonderwall' by Oasis during a family BBQ, and let me tell you, Oscar and Hazel seem quite impressed with their ol' man.

Conclusion: You're Only Limited by Your Imagination

Ultimately, the idea of majoring in music without any previous music experience might initially ignite doubts and fears, but remember, you are limited only by your imagination. The world of music is vast, intricate, and offers something for everyone. So, embrace the challenge, strap on your proverbial guitar, and set off on your musical adventure. Don't be surprised to find others who've also taken the leap, gathering around a metaphorical campfire, instruments in hand, eager to share their improvised melodies. And even though they may sound far from symphonic perfection to the trained ear, to us they are proof of an evident truth - you don't need a background filled with music notes to create beautiful music.

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